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Helpful, willing, and proactive, Allies are the volunteers supporting and empowering organizations! Allies are naturally generous and practical, eager to offer their time, skills, and resources to serve others. Theirs is the heart that is quick to say “yes!” When Allies see a need, they engage with it directly. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, going where He goes and reaching out to directly impact the people He serves


Amplifiers use their passion for a cause  to broadcast a message, mobilize others, and increase impact. Driven by a strong sense of purpose, Amplifiers are essential for fueling missions by sharing vision and inviting others to participate. Great communicators brimming with excitement and a keen sense of strategy, they often involve themselves in fundraising and engaging new audiences. 


Catalysts are Generous givers who are full of faith! Just as a catalyst is a stimulus sparking a reaction or movement, so donors are the bold trigger for missions, ministry, and impact! Catalysts show their trust in God, compassion for others, and intent to live for eternity by sowing financially into the Kingdom. 


Disciples hunger for knowledge and have a thirst for deeper understanding. Not content with a surface explanation, they often dedicate long hours to reading and teaching, allowing them to grapple with and grasp concepts at a deep level. Disciples are the ones who read the whole article, click the link for “Read More,” and ponder all that they’ve taken in. The meaning matters to Disciples.


Encouragers see both the potential and beauty in those around them– better still, they take the time to articulate and celebrate it! Compassion, care,  and a deep desire for meaningful connection drive them. Encouragers are likely drawn to collaborative spaces, bringing warmth and uplifting people wherever you go.

Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warriors carry God’s compassionate burden for people, situations, places, and causes. Their hearts connect deeply and easily with God’s emotions. There is no greater intimacy for the Prayer Warrior than engaging with God in prayer over those shared feelings as they agree with and release His will, on earth as it is in heaven. 


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