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Catalysts are Generous givers who are full of faith! Just as a catalyst is a stimulus sparking a reaction or movement, so donors are the bold trigger for missions, ministry, and impact! Catalysts show their trust in God, compassion for others, and intent to live for eternity by sowing financially into the Kingdom. 

About The Catalyst

A Catalyst’s giving might be:

  • deeply sacrificial and driven by the faith that God provides
  • abundant in compassion for a cause that resounds with them
  • a business investment made because they understand that it takes money to serve others in ministry
  • an act of worship

Their giving declares the worth of Jesus and shows how much missions matter. It’s also a brave and bold rejection of a “scarcity mentality”. Catalysts trust God to provide for them as they give to others. And God can make the financial seeds you sow fruitful, both large and small! 

Catalysts are often strategic in their giving, led by God, to the causes that move them, or a strong practical understanding of financial needs. Regardless of your motivation, you understand the power of currency when translated into resources and action. Giving provides many Catalysts with a way to use marketplace giftedness to sow into Kingdom dreams. 

Although sometimes behind the scenes or anonymous, faithful Catalysts like you can fund entire ministries through both one-time gifts and regular, planned giving. Often, this overflowing generosity stems from deep gratitude for God’s faithfulness to you and a desire to share that faithfulness with others. Blessed to be a blessing, you radiate hope as you persistently invest in what matters eternally.

Catalysts see kingdom opportunities and value them more than materialistic gain. Not only do you fund missions, but you also live it through a radical commitment to using resources to magnify Jesus! In this way, you not only partner with missions but with Jesus Himself. Through your “yes,” impossible is made possible, dreams come alive, and millions hear the message of Jesus’s love worldwide. Your role in driving missions is essential!

Catalyst Strengths

  • Trusts God and makes things happen through faith-filled giving

  • Generous heart, willing and eager to offer financial support

  • Possess an understanding of how impactful finances are for missions

  • Often faithful in consistent, quiet giving that sustains missions organizations

  • Strong desire to bless God through blessing others

Catalyst Quote

Catalyst Verse

Catalyst Subtypes

Each mission role can have diverse expressions. Catalysts can express their passion for supporting missions in many ways, including one-time gifts, faithful, planned offerings, and strategic ministry investments- some do all three! What matters is your open-hearted act of worship and the wisdom and intention with which you give. 

The Dream Sower

The Dream Sower sees significant needs attached to big vision and donates large gifts that can be game-changing for missions! They worship God through abundantly blessing missions campaigns as needs arise. Often quick to respond to urgent needs in a crisis, Dream Sowers love meeting the momentum of rising demands with generosity!

The Faithful Investor

The Faithful Investor, the cornerstone of every missions organization, often focuses their giving on generous long-term donations given at regular intervals to sustain the work of God. They walk with people, organizations, and causes for decades- seeing the fruit gradually as it multiplies significantly over time. Their consistency offers dignity, stability, and capacity to ministries. Utterly essential, missions organizations rely on these partners to pay monthly bills, cover annual projects, and faithfully deliver on their commitments.

Catalyst Tip

If you identify as a Catalyst, take the time and patience to find the causes that resound with you. Build long-term relationships to fuel missions – this way, you will better understand needs and see the results!

You're Part of a Bigger Mission

We Need Everyone At The Table

Knowing your role and how it contributes to the mission of sharing Jesus’s love with the whole earth is essential! We need you. Read about the other gifts God has given His people to see how others can contribute. Everyone has a role to play. We need everyone at the table to complete our mission: 

Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

– Matthew 28:18-20

Join the movement of believers working together to reach the 3.2 billion people who have never heard the message of Jesus! 

How Catalyst Can Take Action

As a Catalyst, you exude faith and open up doors of opportunity! Your action inspires others and points to eternity and the worthiness of Jesus. Here’s how you can be even more intentional, ensuring fruitful giving and long-term results.

  • Personalize your giving:

    choose a language to support or a region to champion. You may enjoy discovering more about the causes you’re choosing to invest in. Explore regions and cultures, ask questions, and plug in with what you’re investing in!

  • Be faithful in supporting missions

    Be faithful in supporting missions in the long-term, investing in organizations and people who have proven to be trustworthy and fruitful.

  • Include your family

    and children if relevant. Compassion and generosity are contagious! View our Bible Studies.

  • Read Updates

    to see how your giving impacts others- take the time to reflect with gratitude on how God is using your giving (the fruit of your worship) here!

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