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Encouragers see both the potential and beauty in those around them– better still, they take the time to articulate and celebrate it! Compassion, care,  and a deep desire for meaningful connection drive them. Encouragers are likely drawn to collaborative spaces, bringing warmth and uplifting people wherever you go.

About The Encourager

Naturally prone to notice strengths or progress, Encouragers are the perfect team member to cheer others on and acknowledge growth. An Encourager’s words can be game-changing for those around them. They notice when others are discouraged, isolated, or in need of direction and can swoop in with meaningful insight to uplift them. Encouragers’ observations, ability to remember people in their struggles, and timely solidarity is much needed! Their considerate approach makes others feel seen and valued. 

Encouragers, often sensitive to the subtle and unspoken signals around them, can also be profoundly creative in unconventional ways, utilizing outside the box thinking. Because they feel and care deeply, they also often express emotions, tell stories, and approach ideas in original ways. Encouragers’ sensitivity and compassion enable them to make powerful connections, whether that’s through conversation or creative expression. 

These joyful and intentional souls have a crucial role to play in missions! Whether it’s encouraging missionaries, remembering to connect with the persecuted church, or speaking life into new believers, there are countless ways they strengthen the body of Christ. 

Encourager Strengths

  • Able to see potential, strength, and growth in others

  • Able to regularly articulate encouragement with intention and kindness

  • Able to inspire courage and hope in others

  • Cares about every member of the group

  • Supports others in staying on-mission when things get hard

  • Often has a strong desire to connect with others

Encourager Quote

Encourager Verse

Encourager Subtypes

Each mission role can have diverse expressions. Encouragers can thrive both in the role of Joyful Advocate and Insightful Supporter. What they have in common is their passion for encouraging people on their journey. You love people well! 

The Joyful Advocate

The Joyful Advocate is vocal in their praise, often acknowledging someone’s contribution or strength in group settings. These exuberant champions of people are experts at honoring individuals, expressing gratitude, and making sure every member of a team feels valued. Their ability to build team spirit and celebrate diversity is unparalleled!

The Insightful Supporter

The Insightful Supporter might be more subtle in how they notice needs, strengths, and effort. A text message, note, or private word is often more suited to their style of encouragement. Their intention and insight make people feel cared for, seen, and valued. Insightful Supporters are often especially gifted at noticing when someone feels down and needs an encouraging word.

Encourager Tip

Encouragers are often deep feelers, sensitive to the emotions of those around them. Take time to process and reflect on your own emotions, as well as seek upliftment when you need it! 

You're Part of a Bigger Mission

We Need Everyone At The Table

Knowing your role and how it contributes to the mission of sharing Jesus’s love with the whole earth is essential! We need you. Read about the other gifts God has given His people to see how others can contribute. Everyone has a role to play. We need everyone at the table to complete our mission: 

Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

– Matthew 28:18-20

Join the movement of believers working together to reach the 3.2 billion people who have never heard the message of Jesus! 

How Encouragers Can Take Action

You are uniquely able to build others up, offering joy and clarity to those receiving your feedback and support. We welcome you to look for opportunities to engage with us at Guidelines. Send messages, give feedback, share your story, or let us know what it is about our work that makes a positive impact. Don’t be afraid to take the time to send out those light-drenched words of love- even when sent to strangers. Remember, Encouragers value connection, so look for your unique opportunities to connect purposely to build up missions. Your influence is profound, and many will recall a word you gave in their moments of weakness, that called out their strength. 

  • Write words of encouragement

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  • Share your story

    to encourage others or respond to others’ stories here.

  • Share your work with us!

    Especially if it’s a song/painting/dance etc., that showcases missions here.

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